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The Russian Dnepr-1 was launched on November 21, 2013. It released the UniSat-5 into a sun synchronous 634km orbit.

After the UniSat-5 was launched, it then released several CubeSats and four PocketQubes, including T-LogoQube.

T-LogoQube was built by undergraduates from Sonoma State University and Morehead State University.

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T-LogoQube, built by undergraduates at Sonoma State
University and Morehead State University



team photo

SSU Team that built the T-LogoQube satellite are (left to right) Ben Cunningham, Steve Anderson (SSU equipment technician),
Kevin Zack (project student lead. holding satellite), Hunter Mills and Dr. Garrett Jernigan (mentor).
Cunningham, Zack and Mills are SSU undergraduate physics majors.