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Ukiah High School Students and teacher Patty Halpin discuss Learning by Making


James Snyder is one of three California finalists in Mathematics for Presidential Award for Mathematics and Science Teaching (September 2017)

IDC 2017 paper about Learning by Making (July 2017)

Evaluation Blog by Rachel Tripathy and Linlin Li  (WestEd) (June 2017)

Learning by Making Project Newsletter (September 2016)

Willits Weekly News Article about Learning by Making August 18, 2016

Read the blog about our work at the i3 Education site

SSU's Rising Data program builds on Learning by Making Design (July 2016)

Cominsky Receives $20,000 Wang Family Excellence Award (January 2016)

Physics & Astronomy Professor Lynn Cominsky wins two awards (January 2016)

Lynn Cominsky featured as High Energy Professor (Press Democrat 10/15/15)

Learning by Making Project Newsletter (September 2015)

Susan Wandling featured as an American Graduate Champion KRCB video September 2015

SSU and Keysight Team Up to Bring STEM Education to Rural High Schools SSU NewsCenter 8/26/2015

Learning by Making teacher Jim Snyder wins California State Science Fair Teacher of the Year Award May 2015

"New Standards Focus on How Science Actually Works" Close to Home piece in Press Democrat by Lynn Cominsky on 12/5/2014

Learning by Making Project Newsletter (August 2014)

"Learning by Making: SSU Driving $3 Million Grant for Innovations in STEM Education in Mendocino High Schools " SSU NewsCenter 2/7/14


Public Talks

"Borehole Temperatures and Global Warming" - talk by Warren Wiscombe on 11/15/14

"Next Generation Science Standards and Learning by Making progr am" - talk by Lynn Cominsky on 3/11/2015

"Introduction to Microbial Fuel Cells" - talk by Jackie Guilford on 4/25/2015

"Student e-Portfolios" - talk by Theresa House on 6/24/15

"Radiation in the Environment" - talk by Lynn Cominsky on 6/26/15


Lesson Plans

Curriculum Outline

Unit Summaries

Frequently Asked Questions - a two-page summary of the Learning by Making first-year curriculum 8/17/15

The public lesson plans have now been removed for security purposes as they contained the answers to the problems. If you do not have access to the private part of this site, and you wish to see the lesson plans, please contact

Unit 4 Learning Objectives

Unit 5 Learning Objectives




General References about Logo and Making


Papert (1999) - "Logo Philosophy"

Sheridan et al. (2014) "Learning in the Making: A Comparative Case Study of Three Makerspaces"

Halverson and Sheridan (2014) "The Maker Movement in Education"

Laverty et al. (2016) "Characterizing College Science Assessments: The Three Dimensional Learning Assessment Protocol"

Articles for Units 6-8


Lombardi et al. (2013) - "Using Model-Evidence Link Diagrams to Weigh Alternative Models in Argumentation"

Lombardi & Sinatra (2013) - "Emotions about Teaching about Human-Induced Climate Change"

Narasimhan (2009) - "The Dichotomous History of Diffusion"

Narasimhan (2010) - "Thermal Conductivity Through the 19th Century"

Pollack et al. (1998) - "Climate Change Record in Subsurface Temperatures: A Global Perspective"


Articles for Units 9-11


Wen et al. (2010) - "Electricity Generation and Brewery Wastewater Treatment from Sequential Anode-cathode Microbial Fuel Cell"

Cook et al. (2010) - "BackyardNet: Distributed Sensor Network Powered by Terrestrial Microbial Fuel Cell Technology"

Cusick et al. (2011) " Performance of a pilot-scale continuous flow microbial electrolysis cell fed winery wastewater "


Cohen et al. (2013) "Wastewater Polishing by a Channelized Macrophytedominated Wetland and Anaerobic Digestion of the Harvested Phytomass"

Ieropoulos et al. (2013) " Waste to real energy: the first MFC powered mobile phone"


Articles for Units 12-13



Abe (2014) "Safecast or the Production of Collective Intelligence on Radiation Risks after 3.11"

2013 Proposal

Department of Education - Investing in Innovation Proposal