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You have logged into the T-LogoQube website. Please send comments to the webmaster at This site is organized as follows:

Home page

Instructions on how to use the webite (this page).

Public page

Project Members page

Table of team members and contact information.

Mail Archive page

A time-ordered view of all project email. (For now only emails regarding beta testing of this site should be sent to There are two ways to get email. You can go to the Email archive page to view all the emails. You can also choose to have all the emails sent to your T-LogoQube designated email (see Team page table). Initially, you will receive all email to your private email. Please email admin at if you want view email only at the webpage. Attachments: Please DO NOT send any files as attachments to emails. Instead, upload the file to your user folder in Files/Home/users panel and send an email to requesting that team members look in your folder for the attachment.

Project Schedule page

The latest Gantt chart.

Files page

Folders for uploading and downloading project information. The folders are divided into two major categories, Users and Project.

Each user should create a "user" folder and a sub-folder inside their user folder called "email." Users can make any other sub-folders to organize their uploads.

All users can modify all content of all folders under Users and Project. We have an honor system that only you can modify the contents your user folder.

In general, everything that you create should go into your user folder. Some items can also be uploaded to Project folders as determined by the gatekeeper for that folder. It’s an informal system so that you can put anything in any folder if the gatekeeper is notified.

In order to prime the system, we ask that everyone upload all useful email that they have authored into their respective email folder under their user name folder. Pick a way to convert your important emails to a PDF, text, etc. file; then upload those files to your email folder. For future uploaded files, please upload the original native format and also a PDF version of the same file. For example, upload foo.docx and foo.pdf. The PDF version is not required but is desirable. Most applications will allow you to print to PDF or save the document as a PDF. You should also upload all project files to your user folder or sub-folders of your user-folder that you create. We are doing this to capture all prior information.