About Us

Left to right: Dr. Laura Peticolas, Juanita Tenorio Ruiz, Aurore Simonnet, Kevin Considine, Dr. Lynn Cominsky

The Sonoma State University E/PO Group develops innovative school curricula for K-12 and college classrooms. Since 1999, we have led many educational programs funded by NASA, NSF and the US Department of Education.

Learning by Making was funded by the US Department of Education’s Investing in Innovation program.

Title Name Office Phone
Program Director/ Professor Dr. Lynn Cominsky (707) 664-2655
Associate Director Dr. Laura Peticolas (707) 664-4224
Scientific Illustrator Aurore Simonnet (707) 664-3262
Project Support Coordinator Juanita Tenorio Ruiz (707) 664-3261
Special Consultant Kevin Considine (707) 664-3460


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