STEMACES For Improved Science Learning

Building on the decade of success of the Learning by Making (LbyM) program, we are calling on innovative 8th grade-science teachers to join us in developing and testing an 8th grade curriculum. LbyM8 is a STEM+Computing physical science curriculum using technology, engineering, and coding.  

Sonoma State University seeks to select California schools and Angelo State University seeks to select Texas schools to pilot an 8th grade innovative course that has increased student achievement in math and science.

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What’s Included?

  • Lab-intensive, NGSS-based, tested 8-week curriculum and ALL classroom materials.
  • Five days PAID Professional Learning Experience in Sonoma County – starts July 22nd!
  • Five days PAID virtual Saturday PLE sessions and coaching during the 2024-25 school year.

How do Students Benefit?

  • Engaging, hands-on curriculum designed for learners in rural settings.
  • Improved understanding and science performance through learning in real-world context.
  • Growth in experimentation skills, and readiness for high school STEM+C coursework.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the daily stipend rate paid to teachers who attend Professional Learning Experience sessions this summer (5 days in-person) and during 2024-25 (5 days remote)?

$400 per day

Will teachers be reimbursed for travel to the 5-day PLE starting July 22nd?

Yes!  Teachers will receive free overnight lodging in beautiful Sonoma County in addition to travel costs to Rohnert Park, CA.

What will I get out of the PLE sessions?

Teachers will be involved in pilot testing STEMACES curriculum, and will learn how to develop computational thinking skills in the context of a science curriculum that will grow students’ knowledge and use of technology, engineering, and coding.

What classroom materials are provided?

Software, hardware, sensors, and other lab supplies to support student learning in science, engineering, and coding.

What is expected of teachers besides engaging in PLEs?

Teachers will implement a minimum of eight weeks of STEMACES curriculum in 2024-25, and participate in coaching as needed, and provide feedback to the development of the curriculum and professional development opportunities.  

Who pays for all this?

The U.S. Department of Education in conjunction with matching contributions of $5,000 per school from partner organizations or school districts.  School matches are more than offset by SSU’s investment in teacher stipends, travel, curriculum, and classroom supplies.

How do we get selected to participate?

For more details about Science Technology Engineering Math And Computer Education Success (STEMACES), contact Susan Wandling by May 30th, 2024 or 707.483.1286

Partners include WestEd, Sonoma State University (CA), Angelo State University (TX), Redwood Coast K16 Educational Collaborative, and WestEd.

Grant Number S411B230042, Department of Education.