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Learning by Making trains students to design and construct their own experiments to make scientific measurements that are personally relevant, and that are critical to the future of our economy and our planet. Through Learning by Making SSU will develop a two-year science-driven computational-thinking integrated STEM curriculum that improves mathematical and science proficiency for 485 high-needs rural students in six Mendocino County, California high schools. This novel high-school curriculum uses computational thinking, coding in the Logo language, and the analysis of data from a variety of sensors to focus on real world problem solving. Experiments are aligned with both Disciplinary Core Ideas and Scientific and Engineering Design Practices in the Next Generation Science Standards and Mathematical Practices in the Common Core Mathematical Standards.

Our Program

Learning by Making is currently a year-long curriculum, that has been developed for ninth grade students. It has been approved by the UC/CSU articulation process as an Area D (Laboratory Science) college preparatory course.

How to Get involved

If you would like to contribute to our program or volunteer your skills, then please fill out the form below. You will be contacted by our team with details. If you are interested in implementing the program at your school, then please fill out the form below with your details and a way for us to contact your administrators.

What Equipment do you Need?

To successfully teach our curriculum, you will need a few pieces of hardware to run the experiments. A Samsung Chromebook 3 laptop running Linux is the foundation for our curriculum. We run a flavor of Linux called Ubuntu MATE, which is configured to maximize student productivity. The Samsung Chromebook 3 runs jLogo code with a text interface. The next resource is an Arduino Metro Mini, connected to a Breadboard. The Arduino connects to sensors and lights that can be controlled from the computer.

We pride ourselves in our ability to respond to student and teacher needs. We have designed our own network to monitor and update all of the Samsung Chromebook 3 from our office at Sonoma State University. From SSU we can provide support, updates, and track student progress.